My Latest Conversation With The Lord

Teck: Hello Lord, 🙂

God: Hello son, 🙂

Teck: Lord I have been feeling down lately and you help pick me back up thank you.

God: Son, that is what I’m here for to guide you when you are misguided or misguided due to feeling down. Do you care to talk about it?

Teck: Well, Lord, I feel stuck because I really don’t know what my calling is, I sense this feeling to go into full time ministry but I’m confused where to begin or what organization to hook up with to volunteer my time. Lord, I have always been the type of person where I want to map out my future but I cannot for I don’t know what the future holds. 😦

God: Son, I understand you are all about the details but does details really matter verses having a meaningful relationship with my Son Jesus Christ,? leave the details in my care for I have already mapped out your future and I have a lot in-store for you to be able to impact others but first I must prepare you and walk you through certain situations so you can be prepared for your calling. Son, if I told you all the details about your life you would either not believe me or you would straight up refuse to do certain things because you cannot see how it can be done, but I’m in the business of impossible situations and I need your faith to become stronger before I allow certain things to take place in your life, so you don’t run due to fear.

Teck: Lord, its just hard for me not knowing but I trust you have it all worked out for I’m not the person I was just a few years back let alone a few months back. I can see the change and it has help my faith grow towards you for I have walked through some recent hardships that really tested my character.

God: Son, I am proud of you for how far you have move forward in your faith walk as well maturity. In all due time you will know your calling and you will fall in-love with that calling because it will honor your Lord and Savoir. 😉 Just keep writing for now like I have recently asked of you and within my timing it will all make sense to you. 🙂

Teck: Okay Lord, I am placing my trust in you for you have never failed me. 🙂



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