Through Christ I Had To Learn How To Rise Up


Recently I mentioned that certain family members decided to start a social media campaign to attack my wife Bella & I, and they were pretty relentless about it too. I prayed everyday for these certain family members I prayed because I felt I had to forgive daily to release any ill will in my heart towards them because their attacks were cruel and quite harsh at times. I did at the time feel how I’m I going to defend myself and how much damage control will I have before me, but at random times of the day I would either see a tweet on Twitter or a Facebook status that would say remain still and calm. I knew it was the Lord speaking to me, but it was still hard for me to remain silent and still I so badly wanted to know how much damage control was needed for me to fix the problem.

I decided I was going to listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and remain still and silent, it really was the best choice at the time because I really could have added to the fire which was unneeded at the time. Before the attacks took place my wife Bella and I made a choice to surrender more of us over to the Lord Jesus Christ, because we both suffer with trust issues when it comes to trusting God. Shortly after we made the choice to surrender to the Lord, the Lord, warned it us it wasn’t going to be easy from this point forward and that we needed to trust Him that He would protect us in the long run. Shortly afterwards the attacks begun and trusting the Lord wasn’t coming easy for either of us, So we dug deep in prayer and the word and placed our faith in Jesus, that He was there for us and that He would fight our battle for it wasn’t just a social media campaign attack but also it was coming from spiritual influences as well.

We both learned a valuable lesson through all this and that it is not always our battle to fight or battle to defend and not to go into damage control mode. Even though people we know personally saw the awful things being side about us the majority of the people didn’t know us had something hurtful to say which did add to the hurt and deepen the wound more, but God showed us that sometimes you have to walk through the fire  to be able to mature and rise up to a new level with your walk with Christ. I have come to learn since the attacks that the Lord almighty had gone before us and that He had already defended us and was already in damage control mode for us, I say this because the majority that saw these hurtful attacks didn’t know my wife and I so, even though their opinions were hurtful they really hand no impact on the Soulja 4 Christ Ministry like the family members were hoping for instead it actually honored God in the end because we obeyed His will over our own will to seek revenge.

My Point

Sometimes you must go through hardship to realize the inner strengths you have within you, from the Lord, almighty as well to be able to be promoted in maturity you sometimes have to go through the furnace of affliction Also most times the real enemy isn’t the person or persons involved but the demons that are behind the influence of the attack. The real fight begins when you fall to your knees in prayer because that is where the battle ground is won.


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  1. I can so relate to this. Similar issues with family… and I have remained silent. Those who don’t walk with the Lord, don’t understand when we walk in obedience. God bless you both, Teck and Bella!

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