We Will Rise Above These Wrongful Attacks


As of lately my wife Bella, & I have been going through some hurtful attacks via social media by certain people we know in person and what these people don’t realize is their attacks are causing us both to become a stronger person because we’re discovering inner strengths we didn’t know we had until a time like this. Mark my words we will both rise above from these wrongful attacks and become a stronger couple as well stronger individuals because we have the Holy Spirit guiding us both.

Open Letter To Our Attackers

We both forgive you, it doesn’t mean we will ever trust you again it just means we pass the judgement of your actions over to the Lord almighty and release you from such judgement from us both as well, we will continue to pray for you as our enemies and our hope one day that you will be able to discover the love Jehovah has for you like we have experienced.


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