Trust The Lord And He Won’t Fail You


For many trust doesn’t come easy. :\ Trust has always been a sore subject for me, until I learned to push forward with faith.  It sure wasn’t an easy task at hand and I failed a lot when it come to trusting the Lord. I was the type of person that would throw in the towel because I couldn’t see the outcome like I wanted it to happen. God on the other hand see’s everything and has everything worked out sometimes it’s not meant to benefit you but someone else that will witness the workings of God in your life.

For Example

I was in debt by $8,000 dollars and it was stressing me out, but I laid my concern before the Lord and a month later I received an anonymous check for $10,000. I was able to pay the debt in full and was able to buy another item that I also prayed for.

My point is this all things are possible through God and not man alone. Never doubt God, because if God can complete all things through Him then Him, alone will walk you through whatever it may be you’re facing.

◄ Matthew 19:26 ►
New International Version
Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”


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