It’s Time To Push Onward!!!


As of lately I have been in the pits of self pity and I blamed God because I was at that low point in my life, but it really wasn’t God’s fault either, I was just looking for someone to blame. I really had no one to blame but my own attitude of throwing the pity party with the attitude why me, with the constant question: why is everything going wrong in my life right now? I could have sought God’s face through it all but I refused to because I was allowing my past hurt to get in the way of my judgement pertaining to the circumstance I was facing.

I was allowing my circumstance to allow me to feel defeated instead of rising through them by seeking God through it all. I have since repented and move forward and have accepted that circumstances will come about in life, but now I have an changed attitude instead of looking at the circumstance and feeling defeated by them I rely on God’s promise to help me get through the life hurdles and to leave those accomplished circumstances in the past and learn from those life lessons.


I have since learned that failures don’t have to be failures but can become victory’s in the end result as long as I continue to push forward through the blood of Jesus. It doesn’t matter how high the hurtle in life is, as long as I look at as it’s already been defeated and crushed by God Himself.  You see my problem has always been that I would see a high life hurtle and I would automatically feel defeated and the attitude really left me feeling stuck with completing my life goals for God.

God has created me to do great things in the name of His Son Jesus Christ and Jesus carved the narrow pathway I now must be willing to set forth and follow that pathway to the end. I must allow myself to make mistakes and to learn from them and push forward with the attitude of victory in the name of Jesus Christ. I’ve come a long way because of God. Because I use to be afraid of rejection and failure and that is a life hurdle I can say I have seen victory with because of God Himself. I’m still far from being fully healed but as long as I continue to have the right attitude of looking upon God and seeking His face through it all then there is nothing that can stand in my way.



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