Rise Up And Become A True God Driven Soulja


By Teck,

Please note this is my latest journal entry and a reflection of my walk and struggles of being a Christian.

In my last journal entry I mentioned about some struggles I have gone through. Well, I have had time to reflect on those struggles and after watching an couple Joyce Meyer’s videos with my wife I begin to realize as a revelation that I can rise up from where I am at, because God is on my side but more importantly God lives within me and the very Holy Spirit that guided Jesus Christ guides me as well.

I don’t have to remain focused on my circumstance for God has already gone forth before me, and has already corrected the outcome of those circumstances. For far too long I allowed myself to be defeated because my focus was on those circumstances and it begun to tear me away from having a relationship with Jesus Christ, I was so focused on my circumstances that I begin to doubt the power of the Holy Father in Heaven. Lately God has been bringing a certain word to me which is “dry bones” at first I was puzzled by this and then it dawned on me that I was a fallen soulja and God was telling me He could revive me and that I could rise back up in the name of Jesus Christ.

I first had to admit I had fallen and was falling away from Christ Jesus, but I wasn’t finished off like the devil would hope. No instead the Lord had spoken life back into my dry bones meaning “my spirit”  now I must live with the gratitude that God has not given up on me, and the only way I know to live out of gratitude is to turn my life over to Him fully. I can no longer live life for my desires, but I must align my life to God’s desires which is His will, It’s only fair since His Son Jesus Christ, died for my sins as well as yours.

By Far being a Christian is not easy at all and it’s because we must face hard facts about oneself and learn from those facts so we can become more aligned with God’s thoughts for us. I mean I have the free choice and free will to choose to live for the Lord or not but I also must be willing to accept such consequences or outcomes of my choices.  I can either deny God and He’ll deny me if I continue to deny Him until my death or I can allow Him, to live within me and guide me through life struggles and correct me when I make mistakes. I’ll tell you here and now I rather choose living for God and have His guidance then continue to face the circumstances in my life alone.

Yes I claim to be a Soulja 4 Christ, but I’m also still in training so I am not the perfect soulja either. God isn’t looking for perfect souljaz either, He’s looking for souljaz that are willing to follow His will and obey His guidance. This is where a Soulja 4 Christ, can make a real difference in other peoples lives, granted we as souljaz plant the seed of life and the Holy Spirit cultivates the seed of life in the individuals life. But it’s our obedience that helps the Holy Spirit reach out to others that are hurting in this world.

I use to think that my accomplishments were the accolades to focus upon, but the true focus should really be placed upon the Lord’s will and guidance in our lives, I say this because we are walking bibles and the only bible some individuals will ever read until they as well become a faithful servant of Jesus Christ. Now when I say walking bible I’m referring to our actions behind closed doors and around other individuals. If we cannot remain true to ourselves and the Lord behind closed doors then the Lord will evidently expose the falseness that a person is displaying. God has exposed me in a public way before and I went before God on my knees and  repented for being a fake Christian before others. God says that our actions will display the fruits of our labor and if we’re being fake in front of others they will begin to see those fruits because they won’t match with the fruit of life that God freely gives to His obedient servants.

So Bothers and Sisters I encourage you to exam your life and allow God to enter in to your life fully so He can guide you and help correct the area’s of your life that need correction. Yes, it won’t be easy at all at times But God reassures us through Jeremiah 29:11 that He’ll guide us down the correct pathway.

Thank you for stopping by, if this content inspired you please consider sharing the content with your circle of friends so they can to become inspired as well. 🙂

God Bless



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