Life May Hurt Right Now


By Teck,
We all go through life struggles it’s a part of life. It really boils down with the aspect of how we view our circumstances, let me explain what I trying to convey here. For most of this year I allowed my focus to be on my circumstances and for the most part the beginning of the years forecast looked grim. Instead of facing my Goliath with the aspect of Jesus being on my side. I looked upon the circumstances (Goliath) and thought to myself how am I going to get past this?.

I decided to turn to drinking and drugs to get by. when I became sober the same circumstances stared me down taunting me, just like Goliath taunted in biblical times. I didn’t look at the aspect that my God is bigger than my circumstances (my Goliath) instead I saw myself already defeated instead of my Goliath being defeated for God has already gone before me and conquered my circumstances for me.  I allowed the pain of fear to settle in, instead of facing the fear head on I ran behind the curtains of life hoping to just get by. The pain of life just grew day by day and I begin to drown in my problems while creating new problems by drinking and getting high. If I would have just looked at the aspect of focusing on Jesus instead of the hurtles before me I could have approached my Goliath without fear because I would have been reassured that my God is bigger and more powerful, but instead I allowed doubt to settle in and rule my mind with worrisome thoughts of how I was going to face the circumstances before me.

I have since repented from denying Christ, and for running away from Him and for not facing my Goliath’s even though my circumstances still look grim, but I now believe that God is walking me through the fire of affliction for a reason and that reason mainly remains unknown, but I can rest assure that God has a plan through all this and I must trust that plan for it to flourish. Doubting isn’t going to help me nor is it going to change the aspect of my circumstances so why even waste my time with doubt and worry anymore? If I am going to live life like I’m not ashamed for what I believe in then my life should reflect that in all area’s of my life. Meaning I can no longer run from my problems but instead face them head on no matter the difficulty my Goliath’s may give because I serve a God that is mightier than my circumstances no matter how grim they may seem. I must tell myself each day that the Lord’s Grace will never go away.

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God Bless




  1. Caleb was 40 years old, when he went to spy out the promised land. He said, I can take it. 40 years later, at age 80. He said he had the strength of a 40 year old. No matter that the area he was taking was filled with giants, he could and he did take his inheritance. Teck, may you trust in God like Caleb and take your Promised Land. God is well able to help you and will fight your battles, as you let him. The children of Israel only had to not fear and be of good courage. God caused their enemies to flee and their hearts melt like wax. God will win your battles, as you surrender. Greater are those with you than with the enemy. Jesus is risen!

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