Lord I’m Sorry For Not Surrendering

By: Teck,

Me: Lord,

Lord: Yes, son!

Me: recently I said I surrender all to you and posted this video within that post. But I haven’t displayed daily that I surrender all to you. 😦 Instead I have allowed fear the option to cripple me, and it’s stopped me from moving forward with Faith.

Lord: So, son what are you going to do to fix the issue?

Me: Good question! Lord, I know I must lay it all before you, but I am afraid to trust because I have been hurt some many times over I’m afraid to allow the wall to come down fully and allow myself to be vulnerable.

Lord: Son, I showed you the Jeremiah 29:11 verse because I wanted to reassure you I know whats best for you and that I truly love you, the verse states I have a future for you and that I don’t want harm to come to you. Son, if you could allow yourself to believe what that verse offers then you will begin to see me in a new light and you won’t be afraid and will be able to push forward with faith. You see Son faith is about jumping out there if the situation even makes you feel uncomfortable or uneasy. It’s about being obedient to my will no matter what I ask of you. So son, are you truly willing to surrender all to me?

Me: Lord, I want to surrender all to you but I don’t want to make a vow right now I don’t think I can adhere to fully, all I can say is I’ll try my best with your help and if I fail at surrendering I will get up and try again until it becomes a habit to do so.

Lord: Son, all I am asking of you is to try! I know you cannot surrender all to me over night, but become willing to surrender little by little in the area’s I ask for surrendering and don’t take back anything you give to me.

Me: Yes, Lord that sounds fair enough and I believe that over time I can surrender all to you, with you teaching me to surrender more and more over time. 🙂 Thank you Lord for understanding my dilemma and for correcting me when I knew I was being disobedient towards you Lord.

Lord: Son, I truly love you with all my being and all I want for you is the best in all area’s of your life but you will need to face rough patches as well in life to help shape your character and help you mature with surrendering to me fully. So I ask you again son, Are you willing to surrender all to me?

Me: Yes Lord I am willing to surrender all to you for I know that you will show me how to. 🙂 Thank you Abba I love you.

Lord: Son, I love you too with all my being and I will continue to be by your side aiding you with anything you need from from me.

Me: 🙂 ❤

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Thanks again and God Bless.
Teck, & Bella,



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