Being In His Presence

By: Teck,
All I have longed for recently is to be in God’s presences, so much that I would cry every-night because I didn’t feel like I belonged in His presence…The point I was missing is I had to do nothing to be accepted by Yeshua (Jesus) I was already accepted by Jehovah’s love.  But see I had the attitude I wasn’t because of my filthy past. You see God doesn’t see me as the past me, He see’s me as the person He created me to become and His love for me then, now and in the future is the same…I have always been in His presence even when I didn’t realize it.

It’s the little details that mount up to being in His presences, like for instance it was a hot summer day and the Lord cooled me off with a cool breeze or on a cold winter day warmed me up with the hot sun, or the joy I feel in my heart for no given reason other than I know I am loved by Yahweh. It was these small things that I was over looking trying my best to be in God’s presence. As humans we tend to over think and over look the small things that add up to the whole picture like for this instance the fact that we’re always in God’s presences.


Father God, please forgive me for overthinking and overlooking the fact that I am always within your presences and if I’m not, it’s because I have caused the separation through sin. Lord help me to recognize the smaller things from you, like the gentle touch of your hand through the breeze caressing my skin as a remembrance that your presence is constant. In your name Lord Jesus Amen.

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Thanks again and God Bless.
Teck, & Bella,


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