Giving From The Heart

By Bella,


Today I was greeted at the bus stop with a grandmother that had her granddaughter with her, they were waiting on the bus as well because her husband worked for the company as a bus driver. So they were there to bring him lunch. Anyways the little girl proudly showed me the 4 dollars she had gotten from her birthday party and I had just got done paying my tithing and shopping  for groceries and I only had 75 cents left to my name and so I gave the little girl the change from the heart to brighten her day… The Lord spoke to my husband and said the following to him for me.

O’ precious daughter of mine I seen today you gave the last bit of money you had to your name for a good cause…A cause that was dear to your heart. I am proud of you for giving from the heart and for making that little girls day.In my eye’s you gave more than anyone else because you choose to give from the heart. You didn’t just give the little girl the last bit of money you also handed her the seed of love as well from the heart.

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Thanks again and God Bless.
Teck, & Bella,


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