Yahweh Asked Me To Dream Big!


By: Teck,
Me: Lord,

Lord: Yes, son!

Me: You recently asked me to dream big. Is dreaming about S4C, becoming something bigger the right dream to dream in my heart?

Lord: Son, Yes! I did ask you to dream big but don’t just limit it to how big or how much impact you can make with S4C, because my plans are much bigger for you and you will know in all due time. Please do not place limitations on me again for I AM and I AM endless possibilities. 😉

Me: I’m sorry Lord I get a one track mind most of the time, and I need to work on that with you Lord.

Lord: I am more than happy to help you.

Me: Lord thank you for the quick talk.

Lord: No problem I’m here all the time, you sometimes have to be willing to not talk and just listen…

Me: Okay Lord, 🙂

Me: Oh Lord I almost forgot I learned something new about leadership through this scripture. Mathew 20:1-16

Lord: What did you Learn son?

Me: I learned to treat all people equal that would be under my leadership.

Lord: Very good son! I am proud of you for reading the bible and learning from word of God, that parable has more meaning to it I recommend reading it again. 😉

Me: Okay Lord, I will. 🙂 I love you Lord.

Lord: Love you too Son.

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Thanks again and God Bless.
Teck, & Bella,



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