What We’re About

By: Teck,
crosswings-wm Hello to all the new and current followers! My wife Bella, & I (Teck) would like to extend a warm welcome to you…I decided the about post needed an update since I recently found a new direction for this blog…So here it is!!!

I go by the name Teck, (Tender Ever Caring Kindness) here at the Soulja 4 Christ blog. I would not consider blog a ministry, but instead a lifestyle movement, because Jesus Christ set the example and my wife and I try our best to follow those examples throughout the bible. There is so many religions out there and we considered ourselves Christian, meaning we have a relationship with Yahweh, or better know as God. We do believe in the trinity The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.

So what are we about? Well, as of right now I post journal entries where I speak my feelings to God and sometimes those journal entries are written in a conversation format between God, and I, my hopes by writing Journal entries is that other people besides my wife and I, will see the wonders of God take place…A lot of people have the notion once you become a Christ everything is easy from that point out. I am here to let you know it’s quite the opposite at times and I do believe that my journal entries will reflect that at times like the one I linked to. Also my hopes are people will read and see the tenderness of God as well for His being is of love.

Our hopes are the content blesses you in a way that intrigues you to share the content with your circle of friends and family so they to can become blessed from the content we share as well. As I am speaking of content there will be non journal posts as well centered around God at times.

God Bless everyone

Teck & Bella,

Thank you for checking out this post! and for stopping by, if you found this content inspiring then please consider sharing the content with your circle of friends.


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