Journal Entry 2


By: Teck,
Well, I am going back to the roots that you asked me a while back to do Lord, which is a online journal. You Lord, recently revealed to me that through imagination and self discovery I would find out my calling..Lord ever since you, laid the idea of Soulja  4 Christ upon my heart I have had plans to make the lifestyle movement beyond the internet and make it into something that affects our community as well. So Lord I know the ideas are endless possibilities so I better start getting creative with my imagination. 😉 Lord, Soulja 4 Christ, is dear to my heart because I know deep down it’s a lifestyle I must live out for you and I would love to teach others the way of life that you teach in the bible and what better way to teach them, then be an example myself. 🙂

Thank you for checking out this post! and for stopping by, if you found this content inspiring then please consider sharing the content with your circle of friends.
Thanks again and God Bless.
Teck, & Bella,


One comment

  1. […] By: Teck, Lord, you captured my heart with this verse because my dad use to break promises all the time to hurt me, I know so because my dad admitted to me he enjoyed watching me become shattered…But Lord, when I read this promise verse in the bible at first I  hesitated to believe the promise. Lord as the years have gone by you have proven time after time that you hold fast to your promises and I cannot thank you enough for not shattering my hopes…I am sorry I ever doubted you Lord, but I have had shattered hope and dreams for so long that I didn’t want to dream anymore because I was afraid to. Recently you told me to dream and imagine without limitations […]


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