(Updated) Blogging Tools I Use


Last year I wrote a blog post titled 👉 Blogging Tools I Use To Blog With I have since changed using certain software and added some new ones.

Blogging Platform WordPress.com


I use Pixabay.com This website truly offers free public domain images which relates to the images are free to use for your website with no link attribution.


I use Screenpresso for capturing screenshots I also use imgur to host my screen shots that I share on S4C, so I’m not taking up media space via WordPress.com media storage

Text Editor

(Quoted From Previous Post) I use the following Text editor Sublime text 3 for writing out long comments since the WP.com comment section is cramped even though it can be resized.. I also use the same text editor for jotting down post ideas as well post headlines this way I can come up with the best headline

I use to use sublime 3 the trial version is unlimited time, but it still bothers you from time to time to purchase a licence for Sublime 3. So I switched over to Atom text editor/html editor which is free through Github to write lengthy comments and jot down post quotes.

Atom is a text editor that’s modern, approachable, yet hackable to the core—a tool you can customize to do anything but also use productively without ever touching a config file. Source Atom.io


I use to use sublime 3 text editor/html for jotting down post headlines and then sift through them and delete the ones that the Holy Spirit said wasn’t post worthy.I now use Quip (pricing plans) which is like MS Word, but is considered a live document editor since you can have team members added to the documents and they can edit at the same time as your editing.

I will be using Quip to share prayer request with the future prayer team once that is established.  I also currently use Quip for jotting down post headlines and the small board team decides with me which ones are post worthy after I share the concept of the post and the ideas surrounding it.


I forgot to mention I also started using textexpander called Phraseexpress to auto write text snippets

Thank you for reading this post! and for stopping by, if you found this content inspiring then please consider sharing the content with your circle of friends.
Thanks again and God Bless.
Teck, & Bella,


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