An Open Letter To My Dad


By: Teck,

This open letter was inspired by the following powerful open letter I just read By Kingy’s Life.

To my dad that hurt me I want to first off say I forgive you. 🙂

First off dad you were a huge part of my life in a hurtful way. Dad you went out of your way to help me embrace the lies growing up, those lies were about becoming a failure…You helped me become afraid of failing. After your first stroke you turned your life around and started to serve the Lord almighty and you came to me and cried because you knew you instilled so much hurt within me to the point I couldn’t even trust myself. When you ask for forgiveness I saw it at the time not being a Christian like you, as a sign of weakness and I exploited that weakness just like you taught me too. Dad I am sorry for the awful things I said to you just moments before you passed away. I had so much hurt within me I didn’t know how to handle it at the time. Dad you never knew this because you passed away but you have inspired me as you served the Lord with a smile on your face no matter the hardship you faced. Dad your final letter to me was a letter of encouragement and I read that letter at the front of my bible that you gave me many times and I am now a Christian myself because of your letter of encouragement and your Christ like actions. The Lord almighty has called me forth to encourage other people that have been dealt similar emotional pain and I wish you could see the progress I have made.

I have since started an online journal that is geared towards discovering who I am through Jesus Christ, I also write tidbits to encourage other people. Dad because you inspired me so much and your final letter of encouragement to me was so inspiring to me, I had to find out myself who this Loving God of yours was… I for longest time thought God was mad at me and that God hated me because he gave you a second chance after your first stroke…I also felt like God hated me because of all the abuse I endured from you and it felt like God was never there for me when I needed Him the most…I cannot thank the Lord enough now for that second chance that He had given you, because that second chance inspired you to live for Jesus Christ, and it inspired me to live for Jesus Christ as well.

Dad, I know you will never see this open letter to you, but I had to get this off my chest so I can move forward in life and become the man Jesus Christ, has created for me to become…Dad you weren’t there for me growing up but you tried your best to set things straight when you became a Christian and I thank you for that.

Love Your

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Thanks again and God Bless.

Teck, & Bella,




  1. Very powerful stuff. You’re right, even if it’s hard to forgive we have to because God doesn’t want us to hate others or hold vengeance towards them. It hurts sometimes but I remind myself that people are how they are for a reason and to just pray for them.

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    • Thank you Kingysaysxo, God once told me that people hurt other people because they’re suffering from some kind of inner pain themselves, if they know it or not…I was once a bully and I hurt others because it lessen my pain at the time.

      I know it sounds weird to say it like that, but they say misery finds comfort from other peoples pain.

      But yes you’re right God does want us to forgive and allow the vengeance to be in God’s area of judgement.

      Thank you for stopping by and for sharing your insightful feedback. 🙂

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  2. I’m glad you were able to forgive. It really takes a weight of doesn’t it? Life is pretty darn tough and many do not have the proper upbringing and education do the right thing in the beginning. Others never learn. After all of my own mistakes I cannot imagine holding a grudge or feeling hate. Some people annoy me. Others are toxic. But generally I feel sorry for anyone who either not doing well or is otherwise so arrogant that they believe they are doing good when they are damaging others. I just feel bad that they aren’t getting it. So glad you forgave. No one is perfect. Jesus forgives us.

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    • Hello Bonsai, yes I do feel like a huge weight has been lifted off me, one of the hardest things for me was forgiving my dad, I have since learned that now I can forgive anyone and I try my best to forgive right away or before I lay my head down for bed at night, that way I don’t carry a grudge into the next day.
      Thank you for sharing your insightful feedback, I enjoy reading your comments. 🙂

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  3. […] Growing up I didn’t have the best parental encouragement, I had an abusive dad that shattered my mom’s self-esteem as well my self-esteem. During my younger adult years I had a hard time accepting who God has created me to be. I had no interest in knowing either, because I felt God hated me anyways…I say this because I felt God hated me so much that He allowed my dad to be abusive towards me, I now understand that it wasn’t God’s choice for the abuse to happen but it was poor choices my dad choose to make. As I stated I had a shattered self-esteem and it affected me in a way that I was afraid to fail at anything. […]


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