Please Pray 4 Me


The Lord has kindly asked me a while back to start writing bible study material for my wife and I to study…The Lord said to start with just us so I can refine my skills and get better at it because the Lord has asked me to eventually write bible study material so I can teach others in a small group setting…The issue I am having is coming up with topics to write about and what scripture is best for the content. So please pray with me as I ask the Holy spirit for guidance, because I do believe that God will help me I am just frustrated right now and feeling stuck as I try to move forward with this project.

Dear heavenly father please help me I am trying to be obedient to your will Lord you asked me a while back to practice with my wife and I, as a small group and I disobeyed you Lord for the longest time and now that I am trying my best to be obedient I am finding my self stuck feeling as well frustrated because I cannot get the creative juice flowing…Lord please guide me to the tools i can use online and in person to complete this task you have laid upon my heart Lord in your precious name Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.


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