It All Belongs To You Lord


Me: Father God,

Lord: Yes, son.

Me: For far to long I tried to live life on my terms and made a mess of my life. So Father God, I want to surrender all to you for my life is nothing without you. Lord I surrender ALL to you.

Lord: Son, thank you for your sacrifice and for surrendering to me, I promise you I will NOT fail you. I will provide for all your needs sufficiently.

Me: Lord thank you for it wasn’t easy for me to surrender all to you. I am placing a lot of faith in you Lord something I have been afraid to do for the longest time.

Lord: Son, I appreciate you placing your faith in action I promise you, you will not regret it.

Me: Thank you Lord Amen.

Lord: You’re welcome son, I love you very much.

Post was inspired by the following video


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