Lord I Sense The Call To Leadership/Teaching

change_agentMe: Lord, I been sensing this call to leadership and teaching, but I have been struggling with doubt, doubt with the ability to lead or teach.

Lord: Son, do you remember a certain dream I gave you about leadership and teaching?

Me: Yes, Lord I remember the dream clearly. There was a man on the stage preaching with the brimstone style preaching to do this or that or you will end up in hell, and people begin to throw things at him, and I refused to participate and the man next to me asked why I was just standing there? I replied that my Lord Jesus Christ didn’t want me to act like the crowd was acting because they were acting out of anger, and then I noticed other people in the crowd begin to turn towards me and listen to what I had to say about you Lord, by the time I was done teaching many people wanted to give their heart over to you Lord.

Lord: Yes, son that is the dream I was speaking about, That dream was meant to show you with the combining of my wisdom and powers you can teach others about me in a way that is biblical and yet simple enough for them to understand how to apply the teachings of the bible to their daily life.

Me: Lord, I know you didn’t give me the spirit of fear, but Lord I just cannot see myself in such position I have had no former schooling the only thing I have been taught is leadership from a former missionary that has taught and has been in a leadership role well over 30 yrs…he has taught me many valuable principles of leadership with the most important of them all a true leader is willing to be a servant unto others.

Lord: My dearest son, have you noticed that you relate to the character of Paul, in the bible? Paul, hated me when he was Saul, and he didn’t have former teachings Paul, followed Jesus Christs leading examples and became a leader behind bars and taught many gentiles. So son, don’t place limits on my powers or what I choose to call forth in your life.

Me: Yes Lord, I am sorry for my doubt, and for trying to place limitations on you Lord.

Lord: Son, I forgive you, I will never call forth anything in your life without supplying for those needs first or as you follow my promptings…I just need your obedience and everything else will fall into place.

Me: Lord, thank you! 🙂




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