My Childhood Trauma Doesn’t Define Who I am

stop-abuse2I once allowed my childhood trauma define who I thought I was. Every time I became rejected it affected me dearly in my adult life. I was actually rejected recently by someone for wearing all black to church because they felt it was satan’s color, but didn’t God make all colors and doesn’t God accept us for who we are and not what we wear. The answer is yes for both!

Anyways I could’ve allowed my childhood trauma to rise back up in me and I could’ve became hurt because I was rejected but instead I looked at the source and seen it for what it is and that being that they had the problem not me so why be hurt over the fact they were being reject-full.

I know easier said then done and it took me a long while to get to this point of not allowing the rejection to hurt me. But I can honestly say I feel more free now because I don’t allow my childhood trauma the ability to define me or drive me to certain addictions anymore. I wouldn’t be able to sit here today and write this tidbit if it wasn’t for God helping me to heal like He has.

Before I would’ve snapped back at the person and gave them all what for, but that is not acting Christ like either and in the long run it would just hurt my testimony for the Lord, and tear the other person down when the Lord, instructs us to lift others up before ourselves…meaning to not look upon other people like you’re better than them. It hasn’t been a easy journey to come to point were I stand now and to the point of discovering who I am through Christ. I have endured my failures and errors of my ways to get to the point where I don’t allow rejection define who I am now and instead allow rejection-full  remarks to roll off my shoulders. It was truly God that has brought me forth to the standing point that I am at right now and I cannot thank Him, enough for helping me heal and for being comfortable in own skin and accept who I truly am through Christ.


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