I am Thankful For My Wife Bella


I am thankful for my wife Bella. Recently I was hospitalized and I couldn’t do much and my wife Bella, was right there by my side the whole journey pain and all. We cried together when we received the bad news together, She cried when she saw me in great pain due to the fact I had minor surgery done in the ER department. I come to realize how much of nothing I am without God, but I also realized how much my wife plays a great role in our marriage. As the man granted by God I am seen as the head of the household and believe me when I say this I had a lot of growing up to do because I saw it my way or the highway many times before.


Bella, has shared wisdom that God, has shared with her to help me grow up and be the husband she deserves to have. A godly husband that is willing to surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ, and allow Him to be my role model on how I shall treat my wife. Now granted I haven’t always treated my wife the best and yet she would go behind closed doors and pray for me, I respect and love her for that because she knows she cannot change me, but she also knows she serves a God, that can change and teach me of my errors. I’ve come to learn that even though the Lord recognizes me as the head of the house hold I also have to take the time to recognize that the Lord is head of me and I must be willing to submit to the Lord if I would like my wife to submit to me as long as it is biblical to do so…basically what I am saying is I need to be fair with Bella, knowing that the Lord, requires her submission unto her husband. So I have decided yes I am considered the head of the household but my wife is a equal partner to me and I am thankful that we are equal in many ways while she and I, can respect that I am still the head of the household in the Lord’s eye’s and can partake in the role of making tough decisions with the guidance of the Holy Spirit if need be.

I am thankful for Bella, because when I met her 18 yrs ago it was about her God, then and it still is about her God now, just on a much deeper level. I have come to respect the Godly woman she is even though she does struggle from time to time. I am also thankful because she has taught me that submitting unto the Lord, is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength and maturity.   When I met Bella, I was a scared little boy trapped in a mans body and I was guilty of many such things being said about me at the time and yet she still refused to see me as that person, instead Bella, invested in me, she invested in the potential person she believed God created me to be…Bella, knows after this many years later that I was on the verge of wanting to commit suicide back then because I felt I had nothing left to live for, but when Bella, invested her time into me and shared how her, God, was a loving God I deeply wanted to get to know this God of hers. But instead I Put the tough guy act on even though she saw right through it…Bella, told me that God wouldn’t give up on me, so she wasn’t either, even though we went are separate ways  Bella, told me that I continued to be in her daily prayers little did she know at the time she was praying for her future husband. 🙂

The list could go on for the many reasons I am thankful for my wife Bella, but I believe you get the point… So I will end this post with a song Bella, dedicated to me many years ago.




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