Being Willing To Change Your Thoughts (Romans 12:2)

By Teck,

Now days it’s just to easy with everything competing for your attention to become mind numb, meaning to allow your mind to travel with thoughts on auto pilot to the point it drives you to sin. Romans 12:2 instructs us to capture our unholy thoughts and be done with them so our minds can become focused on God’s thoughts and our minds become transformed.

Romans 12:2 English Standard Version (ESV)
2 Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

Example of something competing for our attention.

I once was a porn addict and upon research I had found out that watching porn rewires the mind in a way that is not healthy in the long run because the person begins to desire their self indulgent fantasy’s over there married partner. It became like an emotional drug and I ended up going through withdraws and those withdraws were emotionally daunting at times. I had to learn how to allow my mind not to run on auto pilot mode because I would end up watching pornography each and every time. It was hard to capture my thoughts at first and I knew I couldn’t do it on my own so I would turn to God each time…I went before God many times a day asking for his help, to help me get my thoughts back in-line with His thoughts…I mean pornography took up majority of my thinking time I say this because I couldn’t watch TV or be out in public without trying to undress a woman that was before my eye’s. I felt trapped and cried out to the Lord many times with what seemed like taking 3 steps back each and every time.

It wasn’t until I was willing to let go of the past identity of whom I believed was a part of me, was I able to embrace the identity Christ saw me as. like I mentioned before I had to go before the Lord many times a day and ask for forgiveness and for help. It got to the point I wanted to give up because it seemed like I was getting no where, until the Lord spoke the following to me.

Son, keep trying for you are learning to capture your bad thoughts and throw them to the side. Continue to read your bible to know me better so you will know my wholesome thoughts. I am not bothered by the amount of times you come to me in a day’s period I am thankful and pleased you are including me in your healing process. I love you son, and you are making progress for your not crying out to me as often for the same offense.

I actually started to realize the Lord was right because I was learning and even though it seemed I was taking 3 steps back each and every time, the Lord, saw the very inches I was walking forward with each and every time and that is what counts. I’m now at the point where I am not undressing women with my eye’s and mind and I don’t watch pornography anymore. So I can see I’ve come quite a long way compared to where I use to stand.

My point is this God, willing and upon your wiliness you can change from your mind being on auto pilot mode leading you into sinful situations to the point where you will be able to control what flows through your mind and begin to know the thoughts of Jehovah,


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