Open Letter To Our Readers


Dear readers of S4C, I feel compelled within my heart to tell you what God has laid upon my heart. Personally I come from a rough childhood background and I was told by a doctor I have PTSD from my childhood trauma. But that is not how God see’s me as. No! God see’s me as person that has victory over my past and victory over my future. {You’re no different!}  Did hear that?   {You’re no different!} because God doesn’t define you by your past good or bad.

God loves you and wants you to live life in freedom just, not the freedom the world standards offers as freedom. God wants to offer you a freedom that helps you figure out who God truly created you to be. You will experience pain at times because without painful & scary situations you won’t be able to grow or become closer to the person God intended you to become.

{Example} Recently I prayed to the Lord to help me tame my tongue and the Lord provided a scary situation that put that prayer to the test… My wife and I were walking and we had come to a cross walk and the walk symbol was lit and my wife begin to step out into the road via the cross walk and a driver that was inpatient decided to step on the gas hard and I heard the Holy Spirit say look beside you, as I did I noticed that the car was inches away from hitting my wife so I screamed watch out and I noticed the screaming wasn’t enough to stop my wife from stepping out into the roadway so I grabbed her and pulled her back as well…

At this point I was mad and even though the car was turning at a fast pace, time seemed to slow down for me and everything seemed like it was in slow motion and I could hear my own thoughts in my head saying some nasty things and I heard the Holy Spirit again say to me, don’t repeat what you’re thinking. So I listened and kept my mouth shut. It was at that point I learned I could tame my tongue with God’s direction during a situation that I couldn’t control. For many years before I would have said something. The situation was painful and scary for the both of us because I saw my wife’s life flash before my eye’s and she felt the same way as well. My point is this be careful what you pray for because God may put you to the test without any warning of a situation beyond your control but not God’s control.

Also the more you open your heart to the Lord and soak in His word and use His word for your life direction the clearer your calling will become. Remember everything happens on God’s timing and CANNOT be rushed or fast forward to that point in life. Also the devil hates it when someone gives their heart over to God, and he the {devil} will try to throw you off the straight and narrow path. When you fall down don’t beat yourself up instead get back up knowing God is looking down upon you with delight and love in His eye’s… He {God} knows that as humans we will fail and fall many times in life, but God doesn’t care about that matter because God cares about the condition of your heart with the matter… Being repentant and forgiving is very important as well because it helps towards going a long way to soften your heart the way God intended your heart to be.

To Be continued

PS. Don’t forget to share this with your friends. Who knows, someone may need this encouragement at this given time.


With God on your side you can become turbo charged!!!



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