Lord Please Resuscitate Me

By: Teck,

Me: Lord,

Lord: Yes, Son.

Me: I recently heard the video below and I couldn’t help but noticed that my relationship with you Lord, has stalled out.

Lord: Son, I am proud of you for noticing your relationship with me is in need of some fixing. You’ve come to the right place as well! because I can teach you new and great wonders that will spark back up your relationship with me…Son, most people claim I leave them but it’s not true because most individuals become too busy for me to carry on a relationship with me and you have noticed that our relationship needs some tender care and you should be proud of yourself for noticing. 😉

Me: Lord, thank you because I always seem to be hard on myself, I sure was mad at myself because I became too busy for you Lord, but Lord, you’re right I should be proud of myself for noticing that the relationship between us needs some tender care.

Lord: Yes, son you’re always hard on yourself and it’s because you won’t let go of the childhood trauma that has happen to you, you always was criticized for everything you did right or wrong.but I am not like that son.

Me: I know Lord, I am having a hard time separating my childhood trauma from our relationship, instead I am always thinking your mad at me, yet the bible says you’re slow to anger and I want to believe that fact but I find myself always going back to my own childhood roots instead of living like a new creation through your Son Jesus Christ.

Lord: Son, you have to stop being afraid of moving forward and let go of the things of the past for you are a new creation through my Son Jesus Christ,  I need you to start living life without fear being part of your daily life… Do you remember your recent dream with the dead snakes?

Me: Yes Lord, I do remember. 😦

Lord: Son, don’t frown that dream had great meaning behind it! I know you’re afraid of snakes and that is why I used snakes to illustrate my message to not be afraid of your fears for I am with you. Son, all the snakes were dead to represent you being dead to your fears and moving forward I then used your favorite artist name to tell you it’s time to “Illuminate” the world and not to be afraid moving beyond your fears and I believe you got that message loud and clear when you heard the song below.

Me: Lord, yes I did get the message loud and clear to be dead to the world and be dead to my fears so you can bring forth the man you created me to be through your Son Jesus Christ.

Lord: Exactly son. 🙂

Me: Lord, all I can ask is please teach me how to live life without giving into my fears and live free from my childhood trauma. I’ll do my part and read my bible and try to live life as you direct me to live through the Holy Spirit.

Lord: Thank you son this all I can ask from you is to do your part this time around and I will not fail you and do my part. 🙂

Me: Thank you Lord, for this encouraging talk I love you Lord, amen.

Lord: Love you too son,


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