Have Bold Faith Like Apostle Paul

Me: Lord,

Lord: Yes, Son,

Me: Lord, lately I have been hearing this small gentle voice within my spirit. It’s not an audible voice Lord, I don’t know how to explain it.

Lord: Son, it’s the Holy Spirit!

Me: Well, Lord the message I have been receiving is too have bold faith like Apostle Paul, I’m seriously trying to each day I can sense my faith is growing.

Lord: Son that is the key allow faith to grow like a young tree let the roots create a firm foundation so your tree of faith will grow big and strong. Son, each day follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit and your faith will soar soon enough. I want and need to use you in a mighty way for the kingdom of heaven, but I must first train you to become the warrior I have always seen you as.

Me: Lord, I use to be afraid of failure because of my earthly father would get mad at me and I couldn’t help but think you were mad at me as well when I fail your desires of my heart.

Lord: Son, I am not mad at you, instead I am in Heaven encouraging you to get back up and try again. How else will you learn if I don’t allow failures to happen in your life. If I allowed everything to be accomplished on the first try then your pride would swell within you and you would begin to boast about it. Son, failures allow you to come to me for wisdom pertaining to the solvable problem at hand and this process helps draw you closer to me and as you grow closer to me the more your faith grows as well. 🙂

Me: Wow Lord I’m speechless!

Lord: That’s okay son sometimes that happens. 🙂

Me:  Lord, it all belongs to you please use me as you see fit.

Lord: Thank you Son, for acknowledging that I own everything in your life, I promise I will never miss use you.

Me: Lord, I love you Amen.

Lord: Love you to son.


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