I Always Start Strong But Never Finnish

Note this with this journal entry my thoughts are all over the place so the post may not make sense to the reader. I wrote this journal entry mainly for my reflection in the near future.
I have always had the attitude where I would hit the ground going from 0 to 100 and then I would get burnt out. This has always been my problem and this attitude is affecting me with this blog, I say this because I started out strong and now I have been suffering from writers block and I have been getting this feeling to throw the towel in for this blog and just give up. It’s always been easy for me to give up but this time when I felt like giving up I heard a small voice saying the following within me.

Son fight the devil sees the damage your writing is doing to him and he want’s you to quit so dig your heels in and fight back.

God is right! I need to fight back. I need to find the balance of not going from 0 to 100 because life is a marathon and I’m just burning myself out because I’m trying to speed up the process of the marathon.  I do believe there is victory In Jesus’s blood and I need to accept that that very blood also covers me as well so victory is on my side. So no matter how much the devil throws at me like doubt etc, I must fight back, but I cannot figure out Why I can’t just dig my heels in and fight back? I can no longer use my past as an excuse nor can I go by feelings anymore I must go by the guidance of the Holy Spirit vs going by what I feel.

I do believe that the S4C blog can help other people discover God’s love for them I just need to find my writing groove meaning my calling some have the calling of encouragement and some have the calling with teaching while others have the calling to preach… The encouragement aspect seems to spark my passion and interest but I cannot seem to find the groove with the type of writing style to deliver such encouragement. I know deep down I’m over thinking this and that is another problem I must allow the Lord to deal with me on.

The over thinking part is probably the source of my writers block for the last couple months. I say this because my mind is so busy trying to figure things out that it’s leaving no time or space for ideas to spark up in my mind. Either way my mind is made up I will not be throwing the towel in on this blog instead I will dig my heels in and fight back especially when doubt tries to set in.



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