Lord I Have Changed Because of You

By: Teck,

dog-tags-3I have been reading through some of the old posts here on S4C, and have noticed that I went from being an abusive prick towards my wife to becoming a spiritual leader that God and my wife expect me to be. I have to admit change wasn’t easy at all I had to go through some very painful storms to be where I am today. One thing is for sure I cannot credit these changes in my life because of me, no! it’s because of the Lord Almighty that I was able to change and become the person I am today.

To be honest in my early 20’s I would have never thought that God would have invested time into me, for I thought I was complete broken junk that was unfix-able. God has surely proven to me otherwise and I am glad He did. 🙂 Now God by no means had to prove anything to me, because God doesn’t need to answer to us what His plans are for He is God and His ruling rules but He does share His plans with us because He loves us deary and he wants us to be on the same page as Him.

Now on the other hand it’s us, as humans that have to push forward with the mindset to be on the same page with the Lord Almighty. The more we read the Bible and apply it to our daily lives the more we understand the plans of Jehovah, as we learn God’s plans the more we become transformed. Change isn’t something that comes easy either and it’s because our carnal mind wants to rule against the plans of Jehovah, and follow it’s own journey. When we change or complete something for God is because our carnal flesh has been wrestled into submission long enough to change that aspect of our life or to complete the given task given to us by God, our carnal minds will continue to fight until the day we pass away and this why as human-beings we must be careful not to revert back to our old carnal habits but instead become transformed by the renewing of our minds through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Yes change can bring about some heavy storms in our lives at times but we can rest assure that the Lord is controlling the path of the storm and it will not over take us, but instead we can expect to have change on the other side of the storm. Now some changes won’t be seen right away or maybe at all but what counts is that the Lord seen a reason for the storm to enter into your life for a reason even though that reason may remain unknown to the person. Storms on the other hand aren’t meant to tear us down but instead are meant to help shape us into the person God has always seen us as.

Fam, I want to take a moment and encourage you the next time a storm takes place in your life to ask the Lord, what it is that He, is trying to teach you because there is most likely a life lesson involved.


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