Discovering You!

lost-2Self discovery is hard for many, because you begin to discover things about yourself that can bring you out of your comfort zone. On the other hand self discovery can bring out the best of you as well! We all have good and bad traits about us, but are you humble enough to accept those bad traits and change some of them with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. This is the question you have to be willing to ask yourself at any given point in life.

I have been going through self discovery for the most part of 2016. I have discovered not so great things about myself while I have also found new traits I didn’t know I had. Even though they were good and bad I had to be willing to accept the approval or disapproval from the Holy Spirit with every new trait I discovered because some weren’t worth keeping while some traits were changeable. By far it’s not an easy task to self discover because there is a lot of pain that can come to the surface that has been suppressed. Letting the pain release is a wonderful thing in its own aspect but it can also be a daunting task at hand because a lot of people don’t like change with me being one of the many people in the world that dislikes change. I have come to discover that change isn’t bad but I had to allow my mind to see change from a different aspect before that opinion was able to set forth into my mind.

For many years I was in the lost and searching aspect of my life, but when I became found through Jesus Christ, I told myself I had to allow the Holy spirit the opportunity to search me no matter the depth the Holy Spirit had chosen to go. I had to become humble enough to accept what the holy Spirit wanted to point out to me.

My point is this self discovery isn’t easy at all! but it’s needed to grow. The world is ever changing and so are we as humans. Especially as Christians we will continue to grow into the aspect of being Christ like and discovering new aspects about oneself is part of the process to be able to grow closer to Jehovah.



  1. One of the most important things to discover about oneself, is for what you were created. God sees us as made in his image. He has a destiny for each of us. In Psalm 139, he says we are wonderfully made. God has placed gifts in each one that he wants us to use. Congratulations on discovering more of what he has put in you!

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    • Hello Pure Glory, sorry for the late response I had a busy day with my niece, Yes I completely agree that it’s very important to discover what we were created for! Thank you for sharing your insight I always find it refreshing.

      God Bless


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