Site Update 10/15/16

Hey fam! in my last update post I mentioned I made a mistake and ask for man’s approval over God’s approval because I wouldn’t accept no from God, well, I have finally got the approval from the Holy Spirit on an avatar and a site banner for for the blog.

I know I have changed Avatar’s and banners a lot what can I say I’m a picky person. 😦 I have worked with the Holy Spirit on my picky attitude and have learned a lot and have since repented for ignoring God’s wishes over mine.

Anyways the new banner in my opinion likes nice but that’s just my opinion. I have included a cross in the banner because it’s about God on this blog.

New Banner


As for the Avatar well it made sense to use dog tags to go with the theme of the blog.


There will be no more changes made for at-least a year which is my goal it may go longer than a year but my short term goal is a year. Because God has revealed to me He has big plans for this blog and we want to become recognizable on the web and we cannot achieve this plan if we keep changing visual stuff on the website.

Well, that’s all I have for now I have been working on posts in the background and will be releasing some of them soon.

God Bless 🌱



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