It’s Okay To Experience Vulnerability


As of lately a lot has been going on in my life, and it has left me feeling vulnerable. Vulnerability is something I would try too avoid at all cost if possible and that is why I always had to be in control or feel I was in control to protect myself from feeling such feeling. But this time I have decided to not coward away from the feeling. Instead I have decided to embrace the feeling and accept that it’s okay to feel this way at times. One thing it has taught me, is to not let my pride get up there because obviously God is in control and I’m not control which is another thing this life lesson has taught me. I’ve also learned that during a time of feeling vulnerable that the Holy Spirit, is strong within me providing inner peace.

Even in times of potential or present vulnerability, the Spirit of God can bring you peace. Chuck Swindoll, Source link

When I saw the above quote tonight on facebook after my wife pretty much said the same thing I knew the Lord, was reassuring me, that everything would be okay and that I could be at peace with the circumstances at hand.

Before I go until my next post I would like to take a moment and encourage anyone that is feeling vulnerable to turn to God and open your heart up to Him, He truly cares about your circumstances and He’s allowing those circumstance either because of a choice we made as an individual or because God is trying to tell us something or teach us something. Either way God is in full control and He knows what’s best for each individual.


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