The Forgotten Book Of Life


Every year for my birthday, my dad would give me money and one year I went to go see my dad and he gave me a bible. I wasn’t a Christian at the time, so I was quite mad at him because I wanted money. When I got home, I threw the bible into a box and forgot about it for many years. My wife and I had moved from our apartment and while my wife and I were unpacking I come across the bible my father had given me, I fell to my knees and cried because my dad had passed away a couple years prior to me discovering the bible in the box.

When I found the bible the memory of the words my dad said to me flooded my mind which was the following.

Son, I’m giving you this bible with a personalized letter at the front because my hopes are you will be able to forgive me someday since I am no longer that person anymore. Son, if you so choose to forgive and ask the Lord into your life you will need this book of life to understand and grow closer to God.

Shortly after discovering the bible in the box I was battling depression and the fact I had some colorful words that I said to my dad on his death bed. My dad said to me the following.

Son, I understand your anger and I forgive you.

Anyways, as I was saying quite a few things were going wrong during that period of my life and I was battling depression at the time and I had become suicidal and I cried out to the Lord and I said, Lord, if you’re real and if you love me then please stop me from killing myself just before I got the nerve to take an overdose the Lord had planted a person into my path and we spoke for an hour about how I was feeling because of the colorful words I used just before my dad passed away. I told the person that my dad said right away, he forgave me and the person told me God forgave me as well and that I needed to forgive myself. I pondered upon our conversation as I rode home via public transit and then I had realized that God had placed that person into my path to show me that my prayer was answered and that He, God, loved me very much and didn’t want to see me die that day. God had set the pathway for the forgotten bible which lead me to asking the Lord, into my  life 5 yrs after my dad had passed away. I have since forgiven him and myself for my actions and words that day.

I am thankful now that my dad had given me the book of life (bible) because it was worth more than money on this earth that my dad could’ve ever given me.



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