Let God Write Your Story

book-148011_640My wife awoke today and said we should allow God the opportunity to be the author of our life story and I replied back through Christ we are a blank book when we ask the Lord into our lives so we should.

For far too long I’ve allowed others to write my story with their words or actions against me, or I would try and take charge myself and write my story. But either way, no matter who added besides God to my story, in the long run, it made a mess of my life.

God recently said to me the following.

Son, I created you in my image, and I am the author of your life allow me to direct your path, and I will create an excellent story for others to see me in you daily.

I knew God was right He was the author of my life, and I should give the respect God deserves and allow God full control of my life and allow Him to be the story writer of my life.

Oh, Dear Heavenly Father please forgive me for allowing others to add to my false identity and my false life story. Lord, I accept you are the author of my life and I invite you to write my life story Amen.

Do You Have A Prayer Request?

Fam, your feedback is welcomed and is important to my wife and me, and we look forward to reading your comments in the comment section

God Bless Fam. 🌱



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