(Journal Entry) About Anger

Ephesians 4:26 ►

“In your anger do not sin”: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry,


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Many times I have allowed my anger to control me, and I allowed that anger to carry into the next day. It’s alright to feel angry but when the anger starts to control your thoughts and actions then mostly likely then I’m going to sin.  I use to allow my anger to get the better of me until I decided I was going to give my anger to the Lord, I didn’t change overnight.  I failed a lot at first but as I continued to go to the Lord, in prayer the less the anger got to me over time.

Like I said I failed a lot at first and asked for forgiveness a lot as well. But I was determined to get back up and try again no matter how many times I had to fall and get back up. The determination was essential for me to give up the anger within me that wasn’t worth keeping around. I don’t get angry to the point where I will sin anymore, and it’s because I turn to the Lord as soon as I feel angry because I know how I can become under anger. Don’t get me wrong I’m far from perfect, and my anger does still get to me at times, but it’s less often now because I turn it over to the Lord.

I could easily say it was because of my past why I allowed my anger to control me, but I know better because those times I allowed my anger to control me it was done by choice and not anything else even though I would always make excuses why I lost control of myself. It wasn’t until I started therapy that I begin to recognize my triggers for my outbursts. When I learned what my triggers were, then I was able to focus on the steps I was taught to calm myself down which usually involved going for a walk or reading.

Now that I think back from where I was and where God has taken me, it’s like I am two different people within the same body. I can no longer stand it when I get so angry that I sin so now I usually pray and then go through the learned steps to calm myself down, so my anger no longer drives me into sin actions or situations.


Do You Have A Prayer Request?

Fam, your feedback is welcomed and is important to my wife and I and we look forward to reading your feedback in the comment section

God Bless Fam. 🌱




  1. God is the best healer, since he created us. We can have self-help programs but only God can take anger and heal from the roots. All he asks is that we humble ourselves and cry out to him. He is so merciful and full of love! Teck, thank you for sharing your journey.

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    • Yes, Praise God for He is the best healer and only He alone can get to the roots of the anger from within. I have had many roots ripped away because of God alone. 🙂

      You’re welcome for sharing, Thank you Pure Glory for stopping by and for your insightful feedback.


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