Raw Journal for 9/9/16


Hello, Lord, things started on a puzzling pace for me today.(Back Story) A few years back I was friends with a like-minded blogger when  I was writing how to posts about blogging tips. Our friendship took off too fast for my liking, and we had an awful fallout. But before that fallout, I spent the majority of my free time writing back and forth via email and as my wife awoke today she found 35 emails (I know excessive) from this person acting like we never had the fallout in the first place… In the past Lord, the emailing was a distraction for me to get any writing done. And now that I write about you Lord with the gifts you have freely given me I don’t want to go down the same rabbit hole as before and waste time and detract from writing about you Lord. I have forgiven this person, but I don’t think that getting back in touch with this male friend is a wise choice I kind of feel like maybe the devil is trying to bring people back into my life from my past to distract me from completing the tasks you lay upon my heart. Lord, I’m confused about if I should contact this person back and let them know we cannot pick up where we left off or not reply at all. I need your advice, Lord.


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