Painful Seclusion

I have written two posts about life walls here and here and today I would like to talk about how having a wall up keeps us secluded.


Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts I use to live life with my walls up… As of recently I discovered I had a hidden wall up that the Lord dealt with when we stuff the pain behind a wall we seclude ourselves on a makeshift island in hopes that no one will be able to hurt us again. Well people are armed with cannons, and it’s known as their tongue we tend to go by the nursery rhyme sticks and stones. But words do hurt, and we tend to stuff that hurt behind a wall that is hiding a bunch more hurt what the person is actually doing by stuffing the pain is holding themselves in seclusion out of fear of being hurt or feeling rejected all over again. It’s an endless cycle going into an infinite loop of secluded pain that reminds us of the past hurts which in return keeps the person fearing to move forward.

Fam, I’m truly speaking from years of first-hand experience. I have lived the life of living on the secluded island in hopes that no one could reach it, but they always seemed to reach my secluded island with their armed cannons and I always found myself in emergency repair mode and then I would feel worthless as well a failure because I didn’t have the right type of armor up to block the hurt… I understand now that you can never have the right type of emotional armor up because you don’t know what kind of hurt that is going to get thrown your way.

Fam, What I do now is I go to the Lord, and I immediately give it to the Lord Jesus Christ, and I move forward and no longer do I hide on my emotional secluded island because of fear of hurt or rejection. It was not easy to make the move and at first anytime I got hurt or felt rejected I would run back to the secluded island of safety and the Lord would always say to me

Son, It’s alright I’m right here to protect you, please come away from this hiding place that offers no protection. I will protect you and if you become hurt I will comfort you.

Fam, it took just a little bit of faith to trust God, and as time went forth I begin to trust God more, and my confidence grew so no longer do I hide behind the prison walls from within but instead I live with the freedom of knowing I have a true identity through Christ Jesus, and I don’t have to be afraid of what others think of my new identity. Fam, I really want to encourage you to hand the pain over to the Lord, almighty because you deserve to live without living secluded in your emotional prison when the other party had probably moved on and forgot about the hurtful situation.

Fam, forgiveness of self as well towards others is necessary as well for the healing process to take place. My hopes are this post is helpful for you, and my hopes are that one day soon you will be able to let your walls crumble yes it will be painful at times to let go but the Lord, will be right there to comfort and heal you. 🙂


Do You Have A Prayer Request?

Fam, your feedback is welcomed and is important to my wife and I and we look forward to reading your feedback in the comment section

God Bless Fam. 🌱




    • Yes very true pain does come in many forms but words alone can be the harshest as you stated.

      My hopes are you were able to take something useful from the post and apply it to hurtful situations in your life.

      God Bless Fam


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