Breaking Of The Generational Curse Of Abuse


I for one don’t like to hash out the past but I believe God allowed what happen in the past, to happen for a reason and for the most part those reasons are unknown to me other than the reason of helping others see that God can heal us from and through our past situations.


I have shared that I came from an abusive home and the abuse was quite bad at times, my dad was struggling with his inner demons from his past and in return he would drink and  it manifested into abuse upon me… There are generational curse that follow from one family member to the next which in return goes from one generation to the next… There are demons that know your generational history and they know what has worked in the past and on newer generations… Thankfully Christ can and will break the generational curse set upon your family if your willing to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit and really put forth the work in changing for the better through Christ… I have done this and in return have seen God break the generational curse of abuse in my family alone…

So as history goes for this family is my grand father was abused and he became an abuser towards my dad, so my dad became an abuser towards me so I, became an abuser as well… Until I was willing to allow God to break that generational curse… As I mentioned before in a post I got so angry one day that I choked my wife and she went limp and I thought I killed her and I freaked out because that was the last thing I wanted to do, I allowed my anger to control my actions and I’m pretty sure there were demons lingering around to influence the situation.

But let me make something clear demons cannot be successful with influencing a person or situation if you refuse to give in, in the first place… Note I gave into my anger which in return granted the demons the ability to influence my actions…

Now back to what I was trying to tell you, I freaked out and I fell to my knees and said Lord I am ashamed to admit that I think I killed my wife, please help her and forgive me for what I’ve done… Soon after I heard my wife take a deep intake of breath and she was quite weak for the moment as she gained her bearings… I thought for sure she was going to call the cops and in all fairness she should have, but instead she told me to leave and so I did… A couple days went by and we didn’t talk and I expected that it would be that way… After some time went by my wife requested I go to therapy and that I needed to change because she was not going to accept my abusive behavior anymore.


I was not happy about going through therapy at the time because I wanted to keep the abuse a secret because I was ashamed of whom I had become… I was angry inside because I told myself I wouldn’t be like my father and here I was just like him. I was drinking just like him and that drinking lead to me being abusive towards my wife… Needless to say I went to therapy because I wanted my wife back and when I signed up for therapy I ended up getting a female therapist not upon my request, but I believe upon God’s request because the therapist helped me discover my triggers as well helped me see things from my wife’s perspective…

I felt so ashamed of my actions and I told my wife this and she simply replied “Then What Are You Going To Do About It? ” I was puzzled at the time because I honestly didn’t know how to change. So my wife Bella, said to me the first step is give it to the Lord’ then she asked me may we pray together? I, of course said yes and we prayed together and I continued therapy as requested by my wife Bella,  My wife knew I wasn’t going to change over night, but she was willing to work with me if I was willing to put forth the effort to change… I did fall at times by raising my voice or by name calling I know it was “petty” of me to name call. When I started to get this way my wife would say lets pray together, so we would pray together and as time went on my abusive behavior became less and less to the point that now I am working on becoming a spiritual leader that God and my wife expects from me…

Fam, we all have an ugly past, but God is in the business of fixing the brokenness within us, we just have to become willing to accept that we cannot fix it on our own and without Him (Meaning Jesus).

Fam, your feedback welcomed and is important to my wife and I and we look forward to reading your feedback in the comment section

God Bless Fam. 🌱



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  1. Thank you for you article. I had the curse of abuse on my family broken a fortnight ago. Your article will help me and my cousins understand why our siblings and parents were abusive. I am presently praying PURIFY PURIFY PURIFY Barbara

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