It Doesn’t Have To Be Another Brick In The Wall


Recently I wrote a post pertaining to the wall around ones heart, but there is other types of walls people build within themselves in hopes they will stay protected…

Any wall really starts around the heart and then it extends from there and onward… When we build these inner walls we’re building them to contain whatever we’re trying to hide from or be protected from, for such examples we tend to build walls to hide our feelings from ones self or bury our emotions to name a few options… Even though the wall is doing what is built for it also harms us as well because it secludes us from  being our-self around others as well being ourselves when were just alone. Like any physical wall our inner walls to begin to crack and allow whatever is behind it to leak out and then we find ourselves doing emergency patch work so the wall can withstand some more stuff being crammed behind it…

Fam, The devil loves it when we build inner walls because those walls secludes us from having a meaningful relationship with the Lord almighty, I’m speaking from a first hand experience… As long as my walls were intact I couldn’t let go of the past hurts I had endured nor could I let go of my past identity… No by keeping the walls intact I was actually holding onto the junk and wasn’t allowing the Lord the opportunity to cleanse me.

Psalm 89:40
You have broken down all his walls; You have brought his strongholds to ruin.

There is no wall to big or great for the Lord to break down, we just have to be willing to allow the Lord to break down our walls with His mighty hand… I can remember when I started to allow the Lord access to my inner walls He begin to break them down and one day my wife found me in the fetal position crying and she asked what was wrong and I replied that I allowed the Lord to break down my inner walls how ever He saw fit and I could feel the emotions flowing to the surface and even though there was so many emotions at once I became angry at God and screamed why are you allowing me to go through this pain and the Lord replied with the following.

Precious son of mine you have buried so many emotions that when I broke the wall they rushed out like a backed up river, oh my precious son do not be dismayed for I am with you protecting you from any harm continue to cry and let the pain flow through your tears like an over flowing ocean… I promise  you son that the pain will NOT last forever for the storm shall pass… My precious son you’re free from such pain you had walled up from within please don’t restart the process of re-walling in the future instead bring your concerns and hurts to me and I will sustain you with my right hand.

I knew the Lord was right I was experiencing such tremendous pain because I had suppressed so much over the years and when the Lord broke the wall it allowed everything to come to the surface all at once… It surely was painful at the time, but now I can surely say without doubt that the pain is over and gone for the storm has seized…

Fam, I want to encourage you to embrace the Lord Jesus Christ, for He surely loves you regardless how you feel about that statement it will never change the fact He loves you unconditionally.

Prayer: Lord thank you for being there by my side while I was hurting from within when you broke down the many walls within me… Lord there is so many people in this dying world that are hurting and are building walls to try and deal with their pain within… Lord I come before today to ask for a revival to happen within individuals so they can become healed and minister your love Lord unto others as well… Amen

Fam, your feedback is important to my wife and I and we look forward to reading your feedback in the comment section

God Bless Fam. 🌱





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