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I come from a background of severe abuse and I allowed that abuse help shape my old identity. For many years I allowed myself to be fueled by what others said and thought of me, I became a people pleaser to try and shape their outlook on me. Let me tell you 97% of the time it didn’t work. I was once a womanizer and I was also an abuser of affliction unto others as well.

My dad became a Christian just 5 short years before he passed away and his transformation was quite undeniable between that and my future wife Bella at the time help bring me back to the Lord almighty back in 2011. From 2011 to 2016 I suffered with having a meaningful relationship with the Lord because I couldn’t trust, plus I had very little faith due to severe trust issues.  As of recent meaning the year of 2016 I started to gain faith by applying a mustard size seed of faith, since then I have gained more faith and the journal entries I have shared online have shown such growth…

I blog because the Lord’ asked me to create an online journal and document the raw transformation that happens between a person and God, (meaning the transformation on mankind’s side) my hopes are by being obedient that the content I share via this blog will inspire others to want to start a meaningful relationship with the Lord almighty.

So in a nut shell here is a basic background of where I came from and where I’m heading towards… The heading towards is still a mystery at times since it is my ordained future identity through Christ. 😉




    • Hello Lisa, Thank you for the compliment. 🙂 I give all credit to the Lord almighty for He alone knows I was once a very shy person and didn’t have such courage to share my past and how the Lord is transforming me now…

      My wife also has a post titled the same as this post minus the name was changed it was published after you left your comment so I will leave a link in this comment for you so you can check the post out if you would like to read the post.

      More About The Author Bella Of S4C-M

      God Bless Fam,


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