More About The Author Bella Of S4C-M

My wife Bella saw my post title More About The Author Teck Of S4C-M and asked if I would create one about her and publish it since I know her story (testimony)


Bella comes from a broken family as well, she was severely abused as a baby and was removed from her birth mother’s home at a young age. Before she was removed by the age of 5 yrs old Bella was sexually abused… Bella comes from a rough background where God was not part of the picture for her, simply because she was mad at the Lord Jesus Christ because of everything she had endured at such a young age…

In Bella’s young adult years she reignited with her birth mother, but tremendous pain also came with the new found relationship and her mother choose to throw Bella, to the curb with no one to turn to and facing the fact she was now 18 yrs old and homeless, she become to feeling of being very broken from within. This lead Bella to one night fall to her knees and ask the Lord into her life… Since then the Lord has walked by her side guiding her into her new found identity through Christ… Bella’s passion to share her new found hope was so strong she seeked the Lord to show her how to minister to other broken hearts, since Bella, has the gift of a heart of Gold…

Bella, has recently opened up and started to share her past via online journal posting  on S4C-M. Bella’s passion and hopes are by sharing her past that the Holy Spirit will use her in a way that speaks to other victims hearts as well and in-return they will want to seek the Lord Jesus Christ, like she had in her young  adult years…




  1. Bella, what the enemy meant for evil, God is turning for good. The enemy will be so sorry he messed with you because God uses you to rescue and help others who had no hope. God is raising you with a powerful message of the transforming power of Jesus.

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    • Thank you as time goes on I see what God has done in my life and I am blessed to say that He was there for me, then and now I like to show others that no matter what happens in their lives they have the power though God to keep moving on and pushing ahead.


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