I’m Annoyed Because You Keep Tickling My Ears, But I Still Love You Through Christ


<Beginning Of Raw Feelings>

Fam, I’m pretty sure you have come across someone that tickles your ears, for me it annoys me on a bad level… This Person(s) always says what sounds the best and never backs up their word, they always reply when questioned “Oh I forgot” to me when you have “Oh I Forgot” as your standard reply you’re stating I didn’t want to hold up to my word nor did I have the intentions too either…

Fam, I’m struggling to have Christ like love f0r this person(s) so please pray for me, unfortunately this post is center around some very raw feelings right now I’m sorry it’s not uplifting.

Prayer: Lord, I’m struggling right now to get past being annoyed right now, I have been dealing with the same old lines from this person(s) and when confronted why they didn’t hold up to their end of their words it’s always “I Forgot” Lord I have noticed they don’t forget when it benefits themselves… Oh Lord please help me get rid of this anger I will start with I forgive this person(s) and I ask Lord for you have mercy and forgiveness on them as well… Amen…

</Ending Of Raw Feelings>

God Bless Fam. 🌱




  1. Amen!! Reminded me of a posting that I wrote for this week. I guess I need to publicly repent too. Many of us struggle with dealing with those who conveniently “forget” or who operate in half-truths. It’s a form of deception and manipulation that we fall victim to. But God knows the truth… and our hearts where lies the reason that these deceptions arise. Many blessings to you!

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