I Apologize For My Earlier Rant


Fam, earlier I messed up and fell, because I allowed my emotions to rub me the wrong way and instead of taking it straight to the Lord in private I posted a public rant instead disguised as raw feelings. I have been dealing with an issue for quite a few weeks now and I became annoyed because it has been the same response each and every-time. Regardless I should have taken it to the Lord in private via prayer… I stand corrected by the Holy Spirit that I was in the wrong for publicly ranting because as a Christian I should have spoke love and life among this person(s) regardless if they deserve it or not. So again fam, I’m sorry about the rant please forgive me.

God Bless Fam. 🌱




    • Many times God brings irritations into our live so we will run to him for help.

      I find this statement to be very true because I have turned to Him for help with this situation I’m facing

      Comfort doesn’t bring needed change. Difficulties bring us to our knees and to transformation through Jesus.

      Yes exactly comfort has never brought me needed change, but when I do face difficulties I do find myself on my knees asking for transformation through Christ.

      Thank you again Pure Glory, for your insightful comment I always look forward to reading your comments they have been tremendously helpful.

      God Bless Fam,



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