Moving Forward From Being A Shy Person

me3The Lord knows all to well how much of a shy person I can be and it was mostly because I was afraid of being hurt, so I wouldn’t open up around others and now that I’m a Christian the Lord requires me to share the Gospel. Well, how does a shy person share the Gospel? It first starts with asking the Lord to heal you and help you become comfortable being in your own skin, I say this because where ever you go in life you have to be able to have self love and forgiveness for oneself, because you will make mistakes.

Being shy and coming forth with being released from such prison was a painful task at hand, but the Lord guided me through it all the way. As I continue to share with the readers of S4C-M, my journal entry’s begun to receive  positive feedback this has in returned helped me to push forward in hopes that the posts I write will encourage others to push pass their fears and focus on moving forward through faith and obedience, because God’ is looking for doers of the word and instead of sayers of the word of God. It surely has been a struggle to get to the point of sharing online I say this because God asked me back in 2014 and here it is 2016. Yes I avoided sharing online for 2 yrs, but the Lord’s timing is always perfect and that is why He asked me ahead of schedule because He knew I was going to take 2 yrs to get to the point of being able to share, because before I was afraid of rejection and now well, rejection hurts, but it will not detour me anymore. As I continue to share online my journal entry’s my hopes are that the Holy Spirit will lead people to the site that will become inspired to have a relationship with Lord Jesus Christ.

The more I write the less it feels like a chore and more of a calling I say this because I get joy out of knowing the Holy Spirit can use my past pain to inspire others to seek healing from the Lord. hence why I think the Lord came up the website name Souljaz 4 Christ, because the spiritual battles we face daily requires a soulja on the fore front. My hopes by sharing this post that people that read this post will be inspired to let go and open up to the Lord in a private setting because that is where the healing process begins.

God Bless Fam. 🌱




  1. God created you in his image. Whether it is an avatar or your photo, God is at work in your life. His beauty shines forth out of you. Loving the Lord God with all that we have, being obedient to him and loving others is our mandate. We show how he transforms us! Congratulations, Teck!

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  2. Isn’t the love of Christ simply amazing? He created us perfectly, in His image. I find comfort in knowing if He wanted me to look different than I do, He would have made me that way! Thank you for sharing from the heart. Yes, can be tough. May God bless every step you take in Him!

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  3. I was the same way. I didn’t open up to alot of people because of the same reason, but now, now it’s not so. And I’m glad that I can just speak and not worry about being hurt.
    Why don’t you share a real pic of yourself? Just a question. I like the avatar. 🙂

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    • Thank you Andi for sharing about you once being shy.

      “Why don’t you share a real pic of yourself? Just a question. I like the avatar.🙂”

      To answer your valid question, I didn’t share a real pic because I was having a hard time with displaying the real me, because of (Shyness) I have updated the post with a pic of me now and I plan on using the pic as my Gravatar as well!

      It’s better if I just get past the shyness fully and display a real face to the feelings I share online. 🙂 Thank you for asking because your question got me to question myself on why I was allowing my shyness to get in the way of displaying a pic of me.

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