Do You Fear The Unknown When God Asks You To Complete Something For Him?


So many of us as humans are so wrapped up hiding in our shell of protection when God has us in His caring hands. -Teck,

Do you ever find yourself questioning the very thing God asks of you, like in fact you even might say you have faith to Him on a daily basis but yet question Him, because of the fear of the unknown when He asks you to complete something for His Glory? Well, I know I have this problem and even though I am getting better at having faith that conquers all through God, I still find myself at times fearing the unknown, it use to be the Lord would ask of me to do something for Him and I would flat out refuse to do it because of the fear of the unknown. One day the Holy Spirit said the following to me,

-Holy Spirit ⇒ Teck, how can you learn to move through faith if you’re always fleeing out of the fear of the unknown, don’t you know the Lord has your best interest at hand and He would never ask you to do something that He already didn’t have an outcome already foreseen? For your Lord Jesus Christ sees well into the future of ALL things.

Fam, this was some harsh truth I needed to hear from the Holy Spirit, because God was right I was being disobedient out of fear when the same God that created the universe handed down to me the same Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the grave as a guidance gift as well to provide me the power through God to complete the very things he asks of me.

Fam, I want to encourage you today to step away from the fear of the unknown and embrace the fact that God knows EVERYTHING that happens in your life…

Prayer: Father God please forgive me for fearing the unknown when you ask me to complete something for you, please help me not fear but to embrace the known fact that you are my known protection and guidance throughout life’s unknown moments in your precious name Lord Jesus Christ Amen.



  1. Fear of the unknown is there for a reason. It is a test from God to see if you can believe and rely on the unknown.God puts all these test in place for one reason or another knowing the outcome before you even get the test. As a teacher of a school will give you a test at school only they don’t know they outcome, they can take a guess on the grade by how well you do before the test is given (unless you cheat and have someone do it for you). Which God also sees whether you realize it or not, you could say but, God I did this on my own. You still have to give credit where credit is due. Gods hand was in there first.


    • Hello Bic, (Brother In Christ)

      Fear of the unknown is there for a reason.

      John 14:27
      27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

      Bic, I say this with Godly love that God doesn’t give us the spirit of fear so in aspect the only reason fear takes place is because we doubt God’s will for us via the guidance of the Holy Spirit dwelling within us… You may have not known that at the time of writing your comment and that is why I am trying to gently tell you other wise.

      As for the unknown sometimes it could be a test to draw us closer while other times it could be for other reasons that the unknown is present. Only God knows the reasons behind it, regardless our faith should remain unawakened if the unknown is present or not…

      Thank you Bic, for your visit and insightful comment.

      God Bless Fam. 🌱


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      • It was just brought to my attention that my first comment was worded wrong, and after I was corrected, and I do mean corrected in a Godly way, brought back to church as one might say, We are not given the Spirit of Fear. I was asked by my wife if I was going to get mad, depressed, or upset. After each question I answered with an emphatic why. Instead I came back to the computer and reiterated my comment. Believe me when I say this, there was a time when I would have got upset, however that is one of the areas I have been working on and will need to continue to work on with Gods help.

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