I’m Guilty… :(

blog-250I’m guilty of once writing for self recognition, when I wrote on another blog I owned and before I shut the blog down I had over 400+ followers (readers) one day the Holy Spirit said to me

Teck, you can fill the subscription slots and not contribute to saving one soul, now please shut down your blog until further notice…

I have to admit it was hard hearing that from the Holy Spirit, mainly because I felt like I built that follower subscription amount, in actuality God built the base of followers and I wasn’t giving Him credit for it nor for the posts I wrote, because I was writing in the flesh to fill the void of posts… I measured my success by likes, shares, comments, etc.

When the Holy Spirit, asked me to delete the blog, I actually hesitated for a few months and the conviction became heavier as the weeks turned into a few months. I felt like a failure because I failed God in a sense, but God didn’t see it as failure in His eye’s instead He saw it as an opportunity to teach me, to become stronger and move forward with a deeper relationship with Him…I told the Lord that in the past he asked me to start an online journal and did He want me to continue with creating one and what seemed a lifetime of no answer other than be patient… I have to admit the Lord’s answer frustrated me, because I didn’t want to be patient I wanted an answer like right now…  A few weeks went by and I sense the Holy Spirit tugging at my heart to start an online Journal and that is how S4C, got started believe or not the Lord actually gave me the blog name. I was afraid I was going to go down the same road as before, I was embarrassed because the truth was out to the followers and yet some of those followers gave me another chance with this blog.

So what do I do differently now compared to before?

Well, first off I try to be obedient to the Lord and write what He lays upon my heart and I now write for His glory over self recognition… I have to admit I was afraid to share an online journal because I’m a private type person, so I pushed forward with faith that the Lord knew what he was asking of me and that He was going to use the Holy Spirit as the blog director instead of myself being the director. I have to admit at first it was hard not being in the director seat, but as time has surpassed I have come to see the movement the Holy Spirit has pushed forth and the inspiration some of the posts have been for others and that in-return uplifts me to want to write for my King even though I do endure pain while writing certain posts about my past… But as the Holy Spirit has told me before pain is just pain and it doesn’t last forever, but in return will strength my character.  




    • Hello marijo1245, Thank you for sharing another uplifting and insightful piece of wisdom!

      Your honesty and transparency is beautiful!

      Thank you, I’m trying my best to be obedient to the Lord Jesus Christ, and display to others how God accepts and handles our rawness… My hopes are by being honest and transparent in a raw format that it will inspire others to know the Lord on a deeper level which would result into a deeper relationship with Him.

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