Be Free To Be You

God want’s you to experience true freedom, the type of freedom God created you for; but first you have to let go of the identity others have set upon you. Your new identity through Christ is the type that brings inner peace that allows you to be free to be you without the worry of the opinions of mankind. 

I once suffered from abuse and I became a people pleaser and I was miserable, because everyone wanted something from me. It got to the point I was not able to keep up with the demand of others and when I couldn’t keep up with the demands of others, a lot of them made sure to let me know about it and tried their best to get me to conform to the identity they saw me as… Since I have surrendered myself over to the Lord and allowed Him to have the driver set, I became released from the identity mankind had set upon me and I was able to embrace my true identity through Christ

If you would like to embrace your true identity through Christ then please repeat this prayer with me. 🙂

Lord, I come before you today to surrender the drive seat to you Lord, because Lord I am tired of being whom others expect me to be. Lord I want to experience the freedom you offer through my true identity through Christ… Lord I release the wall around my heart and ask for you to cleanse me so I can start fresh and begin to walk into my new identity in your precious name Lord Jesus Christ Amen.



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