Letting Go Isn’t Easy, But It Has To Be Done To Grow


As of lately the Lord has been pointing out things in my life to let go of and I must admit at times it was down right painful, but I feel more free compared to before I let it go. I can feel as each day passes by how my heart grows fonder for the Lord, my hunger for the Lord grows and He never runs out of the spiritual food I need He is always stocked to the ceiling with wisdom and love… But more importantly His love for me never fails. For the longest time now I would tell the Lord that I was letting go of something and yet I would hold on to it tighter, I know that is why I struggle with being healed from having a porn addiction  for so long. Praise God I no longer do, nor associate myself to that old identity!

Part of the reason I fought to let go is because I saw it as being weak like I couldn’t handle defeating my own struggles, I don’t feel that way anymore because I know God has my best interest at hand. God isn’t looking for the perfect person, no! He is looking for the person that will become obedient to his will over their own will… I use to think this was also a sign of weakness, but I see things differently now, because I can see that God can see things beyond the horizon and that I cannot so I cannot plan for the future like He can.

Letting go becomes easier as the more you practice being obedient. Sometimes God ask’s us to let go because he has something better in-store while other times he can see the harmful effects that our human mind and eye can not perceive…




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