I Use To Suffer From Sexual Lust

I’m writing this post in hopes it will encourage someone that yes God can heal you if you’re willing to let go…

Many know I use to suffer from sexual lust and in my opinion it was bad, I say this because I couldn’t look at a woman without lusting after her… It didn’t matter if it was a TV show, advertisement of a female on a billboard etc I would lust, it got to the point I was asking for forgiveness multiple times a day while feeling ashamed that I couldn’t get past the sinful stronghold.  This sinful habit was linked to my old identity and I had a hard time letting it go until the Holy Spirit spoke to me. I tried to let go of the sinful habit for many years and I just kept taking it back, because I associated it with my identity of whom I thought I was, but on the other hand Jesus was trying to tell me I was a new creation through Him since I had asked Him into my life back in 2011, but I wasn’t really ready to trust Jesus through faith until recently when I decided to move through faith and not by sight.

You see the hardest part for me was letting go of who I thought I was compared to whom Jesus knew I could become through Him. Fam I’m not trying to condemn anyone here for I totally get the struggle of wanting to let go, but actually keep fighting back to let go… What helped me the most was taking a leap of faith knowing I could fall, but instead believing God would teach me how to soar through the sky.

That is exactly what God did He taught me how to fly, but my faith didn’t fully kick in at that point either because I was still skeptical to trust, because I have trusted others for so long and in return I have become hurt by their betrayal. I had a hard time separating God from the trust pool that was full of disappointments… The Holy Spirit on a daily basis would try to reassure me that Jesus, wouldn’t betray me, oh I so wanted to believe the Holy Spirit, but I still had a hard time getting past the past hurts I endured. When I finally became determine to let go of my past identity doors begin to open while others begin to shut for good… For example recently the Lord shut the door on the stronghold of sexual lust and it was because I finally was able to let go and once I let go for good God slammed the door shut so I couldn’t have second thoughts of taking the sinful habit back for God, knows I have gone that route to many times before.

Even though the Lord, slammed the door I have to remain conscious that those old triggers, can become triggered again if I’m not vigilant against those triggers… It’s now about removing myself from situational triggers as while seeking scripture as well prayer in those times of needing counsel from the Lord Jesus Christ. For the longest time I associated myself as a recovering sex addict. Most anti porn sites will label the persons a ex or recovering porn addict or sex addict, but the Holy Spirit revealed to me that by labeling yourself in that manner you begin to diminish the true healing powers of Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit told me the following

Holy Spirit spoke to me and said to stop calling myself a recovering sex addict, because when the Lord cleanse you of something He cleans all residue of the sin. The Holy Spirit conveyed to me, by calling myself a recovering sex addict I’m not just associating myself to the past me, I’m also allowing such behavioral habits to linger into my future through association…

Fam, It really starts with accepting that what you cannot change you’ll need to turn over to the Lord for victory to be achieved. God, so wants to walk you into the future you, but He cannot if you’re not willing to let go of the past… The past serves as a anchor that will weigh you down in the long run while you slowly drown, you have to be willing to accept the Lords hand and grasp it while letting go of the anchor of your past identity.






  1. His triggers are if he’s watching tv without me and they talk about celebrity nudes or if he thinks about a scene in his head. It’s like an itch that won’t go away. I’m proud he doesn’t masturbate though and the times he’s slipped up he hasn’t looked at too much stuff. I told him I’ll pray so the Holy Spirit will coarse through his veins, and he’s happy that I’m supporting him. He acknowledges strip clubs and sex scenes on tv trigger him too. I’m happy I’ve made a difference in his life so he will want to get help.

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  2. Thank you for your post. As a Christian woman who’s partner is currently struggling with porn I appreciate your post. I know he will overcome this for both of us with the help of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Thank you for your courage, hopefully more men will be able to get help for their porn addictions/sex addictions.

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      • Thank you Teck. I really hope he doesn’t struggle too much. In the past year he’s slipped up three times, and he said it’s hard to go more than 3 months but our goal is for him to reach a year. He gave up the masturbating/orgasm aspect but porn is harder for him.

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      • You’re welcome sexpluspornminus,

        Thank you for your honesty I know it’s hard to see someone you love struggle with such a hurtful habit. Also that is great news that he has had progress with his addiction. For the both of you don’t give up there is VICTORY through Jesus Christ.

        I completely understand his struggle there is a strong pull there. At least it was for me and others I have spoken with. Setting a goal is a great start! To become truly free from the stronghold is first accepting there isn’t much he can do on his end that his carnal flesh is too weak fighting against the porn… What I did to overcome the stronghold was I admitted to myself that I needed God in my corner by helping me have the strength to fight back.

        My wife also helps me out by praying for me. I suggest that you continue to pray for him as well… Encourage him to come to you if He’s feeling like watching porn and allow Him to share his feelings it may work for the both of you to help him stay away and may not but you won’t know without trying first.

        Also like I mentioned in the post I have to avoid situational triggers and I encourage you to help him figure out those triggers if both of you don’t already know.

        I believe that His struggle will be conquered through the Blood of Jesus Christ.

        I hope the little advice I have given will be helpful for him and you.

        God Bless


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      • We’ve discussed all of that. He’s gonna try very hard to avoid triggers and will tell me if he feels he’s going to watch it or if he’s already watched it. He’s more disgusted cuz he realized he’s spent more than half his life watching it. He doesn’t wanna hurt me anymore and sees it’s like cheating. I pray for him all the time and will continue to do so. It’s just hard cuz almost all of the men in his life look at porn and it’s hard for him to have an accountability partner besides me.

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      • That’s great news to hear you guy’s are further on the road of recovery then most people are.

        It’s hard to have a partner as an accountability partner because he doesn’t want to hurt you. My wife is my accountability partner as well and for the most part it has helped because I don’t want to hurt her.

        I suggest reading Joyce Meyer’s battlefield of the mind my wife and I did we learned how to stop the triggers before the strong itch takes control in the mind.

        If you’re into audio versions of books then you guy’s can listen to battle field of the mind on youtube.

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    • Hello Julie, I’m thankful the Post was inspirational for you, and yes raw honesty is hard, but it must be shared so the enemy can no longer hold it against us. Thank you for stopping by and for your delightful comment.

      God Bless, 🙂


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      • Yes once we expose the darkness within us to the light it looses power over us. For the light of Jesus conquers all darkness. I was once told that when you get up in the middle of the night and turn on the light the darkness disappears but the drawers and cupboards still hold their darkness because they are closed to receiving the light. That we need to open the drawers and doors and let the light in.

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