Weight Lose Journey (Journal 3)

I have discovered awhile back is I’m a stress eating type person, recently I did some deep self discovery and realized my triggers and my surroundings pertaining to those triggers and I must say “wow” I say “wow” I didn’t realize how many situational triggers I had formed until I did decide to go ahead self discover my triggers. I have since turned those triggers over to the Lord and anytime I sense one of those triggers starting to trigger I remove myself from any situational habits I have formed over the years to stop the trigger before it becomes activated and becomes out of control hence meaning I start to “stress eat” I have to admit forming new habits isn’t easy at all, but I believe the hard work will evidently workout in the long run.

Current Mood: Feeling blessed because Jesus is in my corner

Prayer: Lord thank you for helping me discover my stress eat triggers and thank you for providing a way to avoid those triggers in your precious name Lord Jesus, Amen.

Side Note: This current song has been motivating me to push forward regardless how I or anyone else feels about me. The reason the song has motivated me, is because with God on my side I will succeed at anything the Lord places upon heart to complete and as of right now I have sense the Lord asking me to take care of His temple and start to have more self respect for myself.


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