I Need To Stop Allowing My Attitude Affect My Daily Outcome

Journal Entry For 8/18/16

As of lately I have been waking up grumpy and I have been allowing how it affects the rest of my day. As for why I’m waking up grumpy is a puzzle to me, but what isn’t puzzling me is the fact I don’t have to allow the grumpiness the ability to affect my day, because I can speak positive things upon my life and have faith God will grant the  positiveness in my life, I just need to start practicing speaking that positiveness in my life and not allow my foul attitude the option to rule my day.

Prayer: Lord please forgive me for not turning to you, when I have a foul attitude, please also forgive me for allowing that attitude the ability to rule my day… Lord I awoke grumpy today and my day has already started on the wrong foot please help me turn that around and help me glorify you through out the rest of the day in your precious name Lord Jesus Amen.


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