Weight Lose Journey Day 2



Well, today is day 2 the day I actually start to become serious about a life changing decision I made last night. So today I am focused on letting go of the junk in my life, we as humans sure can fool ourselves into thinking that we have already let go of the pain within, but I surely found out that the pain can become well hidden to the point that only the Lord Jesus Christ, can see it and wash it away with His healing blood. If I want to lose this weight I have to focus on more than just dieting and exercising like Pure Glory mentioned. I’ll have to allow the Holy Spirit show me the inner junk that needs to go for there is some much stuff mixed in with the good of me.

Current Mood: Determined

Prayer: Lord, I come before today to ask of you for a washing of the inner trauma I have carried for so long. Lord, I also want to ask of you to help me keep to the new healthier habits that must form for me, to successfully keep the weight off once I lose it… In your Precious Name Lord Jesus Christ Amen.


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