Leave The Past In The Past

Many define themselves from there past experiences with whatever has happen to them, I know first hand because I was once like that, living in the past and allowing the past to dictate my current life standards. I couldn’t enjoy the future God has in-store, because I was too busy letting my paste remain in the way. So I get the whole familiarity of the past, but you got to be able to let go and let the past rest within its burial place where it belongs and embrace the future God has in-store for you. Yes there will be uncertainties, but you can rest assure that God is certain of your future through him.


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  1. […] Fam, Today I would like to encourage you to cast down any lie from the pit of hell and embrace the truth that is in the Bible God truly sees you as unique person. Your so unique that only you can complete certain tasks given by the Lord Jesus Christ, satan knows this truth about you, so he casted his lies against you at a young age so by the time you reach adulthood the lies become ingrained into your thoughts and begin to block you through doubt so your not able to walk into your true identity through Christ Fam this can change for you, you just have to be willing to let go of the identity set by others. […]


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